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Economise your Project Needs with Precast Stairs and Landings’

Precast Benefits

Benefits of Precast

Saves Time & Cost

  • Design-Build Efficiency. Precast concrete offers an efficient delivery model for your project; allowing building construction to proceed while the design is developed.
  • Aesthetically Versatile. …
  • Reduced Costs. …
  • Environment Resistant. …
  • Thermal Efficient. …
  • Low Maintenance. …
  • Sound Control. …
  • Wi-Fi Compatible

About Feecast Concrete Products

FeeCast Concrete Products Endeavour to ease labour cost on site by manufacturing precast construction elements to aid build cost , planning & programming . Our off site manufacture and low maintenance install make projects much easier and eliminate labor cost significantly . We are located in Co. Cavan.

How we Process your Project

We Process your Inquiry in 6 Phases. Once you place your Order with us, We Proceed with the Design process and cross collaborate with the client to gain approval. We then take the  approved drawings to manufacture where we carefully bring the design to reality. We then quality check the product and deliver to site. 

  • Client Inquiry
  • Design Collaboration
  • Approval
  • Manufacture
  • Quality
  • Deliver
Our Manufacturing Process

What Our Clients are Saying?

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Why Choose Feecast?


Our concrete products and the finished installation are of a high quality.


You can count on us to get the job done.


We offer competitive pricing within the industry.


We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Over 25 Years Experience

We have years of experience in the construction industry.


We are here to support you with every step from quotation to installation.

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